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We want to help maximize your company's performance.

Performance of any company is largely dependent of the quality of its people.  The Human Resources function, as the custodian of this workforce, is in the best position to deliver sustainable competitive advantage to the company through its people. Therefore, if H.R. has to bring strategic value to the organization, it has to ensure that every single opportunity to convert the full potential of its people into financial performance and market value is seized with ever increasing vigour.

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Running a business is not easy. With INITIUM NOVUM CONSULTING, you will learn solutions to common management challenges

Every business needs someone to manage effective organization design, recruitment, talent management, rewards management, development of strong performance culture, leadership development. Whether you sell products or services, INITIUM NOVUM CONSULTING can help run your company's H.R. tasks.

Ask our clients what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; we deliver outstanding results in record time.

We work with our clients at Individual, Group and Organization levels.  Our services include working on the functional aspects owned by the H.R. function, the Organizational aspects related to shaping the People strategy and related structures and Top Management sponsored initiatives to drive, maximize and manage the effectiveness of the organization as a whole.